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Gray Lake Studios is looking for Programmer Interns!

We’ve got openings! Do you think you have what it takes? Do you want to see the exciting world of independent game development? Well, we got good news for you! Gray Lake Studios is looking for talented and dedicated programmers

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Office Haiku #1 – “Brand new office, Windows open when you pull, Goku doll watches.”

Hi! Update time! So we moved into new office and we’re loving the beautiful canal view outside our windows! We worked on a short and fun title with a couple friends and called it Auto-Rogue. You can get it on

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Spring cleaning is done!

First of all what Spring is this we’re talking about? It’s October, but months and seasons mean nothing in Netherlands so this’ll have to do. I cleaned the website a little. Fixed the dead links and put our friends list

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ANT-Op: Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm is a simplified ant colony simulation package. ANT-Op comes with commented ant behavior and pheromone trail scripts that will get you started on making your own ant colony project. ANT-Op also contains thorough documentation that

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