Spring cleaning is done!

First of all what Spring is this we’re talking about? It’s October, but months and seasons mean nothing in Netherlands so this’ll have to do.

I cleaned the website a little. Fixed the dead links and put our friends list in alphabetical order so no one has confusing feels over this matter.

I filled the missing content for all projects and remade the projects page into the beauty it is at the moment. Also fixed some other links on the footer and another article to our articles page.

By the way, we didn’t make any proper posts about these, but here are the two releases we made last month on the Unity Asset Store! I totally ignored a blog post for these fellers and went on to make pages for them.

  • ANT-Op: An ant’s nest simulation package using acoa!
  • SDSK: A 3D asset package for those who love making dungeons!

Soon I will add the following to the website:

  • Skies of Saturn Unity webplayer demo.
  • An update on the new release date for Gust and an explanation over the matter.
  • A post about a sandbox prototype we’re slowly working on the side as well as its web-player demo : )

Currently we’re swamped with tons of work and we can’t talk about it just yet… :/ I hope to become a more active bloggerdudeceomanbearpig.

Until the next post,