Erhan and Tunc, the Turel Brothers, mark the core and functional team of Gray Lake Studios. They work together in a brotherly fashion to reach their goals, eternally arguing yet assisting each other in the process. They are accompanied by truly talented friends, colleagues, and professionals in their projects without whose contributions, services, and help, not much would be possible at all.

Erhan Turel is a veteran PC gamer who has spent just enough time on his education to learn how to program and design games only to realize that the real life process of game-making is completely different. He may be encountered while presenting himself as a Computer Scientist or a Game Designer, depending on the social circumstances. Also dabbling in art, management, cooking, dungeon mastering, and infernal ukulele jamming, he truly sets a fine example for the contemporary gentleman.

Tunc Turel holds many titles among which, ‘artist’, shines in unique brightness. Although his education, by title, makes him a sculptor, he can be seen applying his no-nonsense/’get me a chisel’ methods to an unlimited number of interests, which spread over a spectrum ranging from programming to 2d pixel art. Constantly frustrated for not having enough time to spend on art production, Tunc directs the resulting energy in smashing everything in RPG’s.