ProD: Procedural Dungeon Generator for Roguelikes

Gray Lake is proud to present their newest Unity3D package, ProD! It’s a procedural dungeon generator and an all-in-one for those who are interested in making their own Roguelike games!


 ProD v2 Screenshot_1

With 3-D assets.

ProD v2.0 Screenshot_0

With 2-D assets.


Here’s the link for the development blog and you can get ProD here!

Features include:

Structured and re-usable code for the generation of Roguelike maps

Changeable values, such as: map location; map size; cell size; room frequency; room size; number of staircases

Fully commented code that allows you to walk through and understand the basics of procedural map generation

– Additional commented code that will help you understand maze and cavern generation, as well as dungeon generation

– A script that renders and shows all steps in the map generation process, for your viewing pleasure

Here’s an example of how ProD’s visual script generates a dungeon map.

For those who are interested in details, here’s the link to download the manual for free.