Gray Lake Wants You! (position filled)


Ladies and Gents,

The position has been filled. Thanks for all the applications. We got more attention that we expected to have, and to some we could not respond. We’re sorry, and would like to say that it is not intentional if you did not receive a call back from us. Best of luck to you all, and kindest regards.



To send us an application if you are a programmer, details below:



Gray Lake Studios is looking for a motivated and skilled programmer with expert knowledge of C# and the Unity engine.

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. University or higher level education in computer science or a relevant field
  2. 2+ years of experience with Unity engine (knowledge of extending the Unity Editor is a plus)
  3. Excellent grasp on C# and/or C++ (knowledge of additional languages is a plus)
  4. Fluency in English, (Dutch or any other language is a plus)
  5. Extensive portfolio/code/devblog material of your work
  6. Ability to read and understand scientific articles, books, papers, notation, and skills of the mathematical nature
  7. Adept writing skills to log in work journal, Trello cards, code commenting.


What’s in it for you?

  1. Working at GLS is an opportunity to grow: We push the limits of the technology we work with. Everyday is a novel challenge.
  2. Valuable input is valuable: GLS, partly thanks to being a small company, hosts a communicative environment. We listen to people we work with and value their ideas.
  3. Member of the Games Industry: We have been around for longer than 4 years and worked closely with others under the Dutch Game Garden umbrella. It means we have lots of connections and experience.
  4. International: We are eternal expats! We have ties to German, Dutch, US and Turkish Universities, game development scenes, and benefit from a unique perspective it offers.
  5. Convenient access: Our office is located 15 minutes with a bus leaving every 8 minutes from the Utrecht Central Station & Dutch Game Garden.
  6. Location location location: We are in a wonderful campus by the canal. It includes the best Cafeteria in Utrecht: La Lotta, also home to the Netherlands’ 2nd best pizza.
  7. Cool gadgets: You will work with strong hardware, hand picked and assembled by GLS people (fair trade).
  8. NOT an evil corp.: We profit as a company while upholding a strict code of ethics; you will not be developing trash, money milking software, you will not intern-farm, you will not work on 10 different projects.
  9. Community is everything: We pay attention and give effort to communities that use our products. We take joy in cultivating the culture of which we are a part.
  10. Insane standards in Art and Tech: We uphold to the highest professional standards and expect no less from our collaborators.


Expected Behaviour and Conduct:

  1. You need to be a free-thinker.
  2. Ready to learn and humble.
  3. Acknowledge that Nicholas Cage is our lord and saviour, accept Gaben to your heart.
  4. Ability to take a joke no matter how cheesy it may be.
  5. Withstand repeatedly listening to Skyrim OST
  6. It’s ok, we can turn the music down.
  7. Not wear a hat. This one is important, we ask about this in the interview, it shows you’ve read this far.
  8. Indie at heart. We like visionaries, and are open to creative personalities.
  9. Appreciate good food.
  10. Measure twice, cut once.

Work Specifications:

You will be working mainly on Pro-D and its sibling project ProD&D. Pro-D is a versatile game development kit in C# designed for the Unity engine. Pro-D’s main feature is giving developers a framework for procedural map generation. ProD&D is a random map generation application on android that supports tabletop role-players. You will be attending design meetings and coming up with UML diagrams as well as getting down and dirty with the code.