ANT-Op: Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm is a simplified ant colony simulation package. ANT-Op comes with commented ant behavior and pheromone trail scripts that will get you started on making your own ant colony project. ANT-Op also contains thorough documentation that will guide you through the fundamentals of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm.

ANT-Op package supplies you with:

  • Realistic ant-like behavior for creating wandering autonomous agents.
  • GUI that lets you tweak and save variables for ants and pheromones to an XML Sheet.
  • Sandbox environment that lets you spawn multiple agents.
  • Heat-map and Trail-map features for graphing ant motions.
  • A simple image parser to convert textures into terrains with food sources.

Who is this package for?

ANT-Op is for all types of curious minds who enjoy observing and playing with ants. The package helps those who are interested in behaviors of ants as well as for those who have an interest in programming agents and AI. The package includes a GUI and the scripts are commented, requiring minimal scripting knowledge.

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