Pro-D is a versatile game development kit in C# designed for the Unity Engine. Pro-D gives you the essential tools for making games with procedurally generated content as well as various common tools for roguelike development.

Pro-D’s main features include random map generation, A* pathfinding, turn-based progression,  object distribution, field of view and fog of war. The package supports use of both 2D and 3D assets even though the generation field is two dimensional.

Downloads & Versions

Pro-D is currently on version 4.2 and has only one version:

Pro-D requires Unity Engine:

Main Features

Following is a feature list for Pro-D Total:

  • Over 30 base methods and algorithms to create maps
  • 12 distinct ready to use generators for a wide variety of maps
  • Infrastructure that allows use of both, 2D & 3D assets
  • Camera systems for player tracking and free movement
  • Turn based player movement and AI system
  • A*pathfinding
  • Fog of War with 7 different algorithms for different use-cases
  • Map to texture, for previews and minimaps
  • Capability to import and export maps using the popular .tmx format that allows editing randomly generated maps with third-party softwares such as third-party software Tiled.
  • Fully commented code that comes with online documentation made possible by Doxygen.
  • A vibrant community subreddit and a responsible dev team that promises immediate responses to all your inquiries and questions.

Games made with Pro-D

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