Omicron Frozen… New Game GUST Coming Soon!

Well Folks,

As the title says the development of Omicron is frozen a second time. We froze it right after the Gamescom Koln to be honest, despite the smashing success we’ve had.

So why is it frozen? Many reasons. Mainly because it is a large project with its own problems, and the fatigue set in.

Besides, the team scattered as the school year started up again. There were also disagreements about the direction of the game as it happens with most creative set-ups.

We have been busy though. There is a little game we’ve been working on to clear our minds and to have some fun. That and we’ve been growing majestic beards.

GUST is the title in works at the moment. It features a homicidal goblin of the most fearsome humor. I will update the site with news as we get our press-kit assembled together.

All the best, and cheers!

Erhan Turel